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Our major emphasis is on prenatal diagnosis via genetic amniocentesis and  detecting chromosomal abnormalities in patients with cancers, in an atmosphere of care and empathy, while employing the most modern technological methods available. Precision and rapid turn around time for diagnostic tests is our motto. The Genetics Laboratory is recognized worldwide for patient care, research and professionalism. Physicians frequently refer their patients to our laboratory for a second opinion. Some original research from our laboratories has saved literally thousand of lives.

Programs and Services:

  • Chromosome analysis of amniotic fluids, peripheral bloods, bone marrow, tumors and fetal tissue 
  • Cytogenetics laboratory, with state of the art protocols and instrumentation, offers the most comprehensive molecular cytogenetic diagnostic tests using a large number of DNA probes for all types of tissue specimens. These services include amniotic fluid specimens of high risk late gestational pregnancies, blood specimens of pediatric and adult patients, and specimens of patients with neoplastic disorders. DNA probes used in these diagnostics include those that target the critical regions of micro-deletion syndromes, and a complete panel of probes specific to subtelomere regions that can detect cryptic chromosome abnormalities seen in patients with mild phenotype and moderate mental retardation. A rapidly growing section of molecular diagnostics include a variety of DNA probes designed to detect cytogenetic and molecular alterations, gene deletions, gene alterations - fusion and fission, and amplifications, associated with neoplastic disorders.
  • Division of Medical Genetics offers a well designed diverse teaching curriculum covering some of most recent topics in cytogenetics, molecular cytogenetics, and general genetics. These topics are chosen and developed to be most useful and effective towards medical practice. Members rotating through this active program include medical students, residents and fellows from several institutions.


Arvind Babu, PhD
Director, Molecular Medicine
and Genetics 

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